The Jason Safety Razor Kit

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The Jason Safety Razor Kit

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For those who have done the research, or simply want to splurge on their first experience, the Jason Kit, comes with everything you would possibly need for the full wet shave experience; The Butterfly Razor, badger hair brush, blades, shaving cream, a bowl to lather up, and a luxurious metal stand that is sure to impress any lady asking to use your restroom before the night cap. Find out why DE Safety Razors are better.

 Average Price online for a kit like this is around $100. For $69.95 this shaving set comes with:

  • 1, 110 mm (4.33 in) solid brass Chrome electroplated butterfly razor
  • 1 metal handle pure badger hair brush
  • 1 luxury metal stand
  • 1 80g shaving cream
  • 6 piece Japanese FEATHER blades
  • 1 black lather bowl
  • 1 WEISHI design Bandana