Safety Razor Beginner's Kit

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Safety Razor Beginner's Kit

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For those who want to experience the Vintage feel, but are not quite ready to buy all the fancy shaving stuff, The Beginner kit is a great intro into the world of Wet Shaving. Before the plastic razors that come with 5 blades existed, men used a safety razor with only one blade. A single disposable Razor Blade! It’s rare that you see a product whose predecessor works better and is more economical than it’s latest and “greatest” version. Closer shaves, and less spending on disposable razors throughout the year. Find out why DE Safety Razors are better.

 Shaving Set comes with:

  • 1, 110mm (4.33 in) solid brass Chrome electroplated butterfly razor
  • 1, wooden handle fiber hair brush
  • 1 80g tin of shaving cream
  • 6 pc Korean DORCO blades (approximately 5 shaves per side of blade)
  • 1 WEISHI design Bandana