Hudson Made Scullery Soap

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Hudson Made Scullery Soap

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The heavy artillery for those who deal with dry cracked hands and skin.
With Beeswax as the main ingredient, this soap’s effects are long lasting, and a perfect solution for those hard working individuals who constantly have to wash their hands while on their 9 to 5. Weather chopping it up in the kitchen, or in between tune ups on your 70 chevy chevelle, this soap packs a punch
Raw mineral salt aids in scrubbing away impurities while beeswax makes for a harder, longer lasting soap.
Not intended for pots pans or face.

Benefits of Ingredients:

  • Mineral Salt - Balancing effects on the body, PH, blood sugar, blood pressure, electrolytes, water balance, may also prevent muscle cramping
  • Beeswax - Holds in moisture, prevents and reduces dryness.