First post


        This site was designed for those gentlemen who live a very specific lifestyle. One filled with adventure, led by a man of poise and unshakable fearlessness. For those flexible individuals who can captivate an entire room with their first step through the door. A man’s man, A la Carl Akeley (strangled an African leopard with his bare hands), Teddy Roosevelt, etc.

 Ok maybe those were extreme examples. I’m not saying that this store is for future presidents and guys go fist to cuffs with wild animals, but more so for those gentlemen who are rugged, and yet can still clean up for an elegant evening out. As stated on the about us page, a store for the Bruce Wayne’s, James Bond’s and most interesting men of the world.

Simply put, men who are jacks of all trades. That being said, this blog will focus on discussing everything a man should know. From how to talk to women, how to dress, Health and Fitness, cool things every man should try, and everything in between. So take this journey with us and Man up!

 Welcome to the intersection of Young Professional and Rugged Manliness,

Meyza Team